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Welcome to Downloads

Here you can download a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Formatted File) of our latest Schools Leaflets,
or you can just see what's in our Special Offers Brochure this month (Adobe Acrobat Formatted File).

Latest Secondary Schools Leaflet: Get Leaflet (Warning Large File.)

Latest Primary Schools Leaflet: Get Leaflet (Warning Large File.)

Printable Order Coupon: Get Order Coupon

Printable Freepost Label: Get Freepost Label

To download the files to your computer for viewing off-line later, Right click LINK and select "Save as" or "Save Link As" and save the files to your desktop.


Further Information about our PET Drinks Bottles can be downloaded here...

Novatex are the supplier of the PET plastic pellets used to make our drinks bottles, there declaration can be downloaded here.. Get Novatex Declaration.

International Life Sciences Institute report on PET.. Get ILSIPET Report.


Recycled Plastic Symbols Guide.. Get Guide.

Download your FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader

For MS Windows: Get Acrobat for Windows.

For Apple Mac: Get Acrobat for Apple Mac.

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