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Westfield4Schools | Leading Supplier to Educational Linked Authorities.

FREEFAX Number: 0800 233 5971

| School Badges | Water Bottles | Leavers Gifts | Presentation Pen Sets |
| Recycled Bookmarks | Reward Wristbands | ..and a whole lot more..

1. Select the Category that you wish to order from e.g. 'School Badges', using the menu selection on the left of the page.
2. Fill in all the relevant details i.e. quantity, product colour, print colour, design/wording etc.
... You can now upload your artwork, logo, crest etc. directly with your online order ...
3. Click Add To Basket to continue shopping.
4. Or click Add and Checkout if you have finished shopping.
5. At Checkout fill in all the boxes with your contact details i.e. School Name, Address etc. Enter your Email address and if this is the first time you have shopped with us then enter a new Password you can remember. If you have shopped with us before on this web site and have forgotten your password a new one will be E-Mailed to you if you click on the "Click here to receive a new password via email." link just below the Email field.
or choose "Guest Checkout" and just enter your details for our express checkout system no account creation necessary.
6. When you are sure you are finished shopping select Checkout:  then click Continue.
7. If you want to PURCHASE BY FAX you can now either print that page and fax it to our FREE FAX No. 0800 233 5971, or send your order in the post.
8. If you are happy to PURCHASE ONLINE NOW then click Continue then Process and you will be sent an invoice with your products, NO NEED TO PAY AT THE CHECKOUT, no need to pay until the items are in your hands.
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